Thursday, September 03, 2015

Rump Rant

I feel compelled to point out something to people getting excited about Donald Duck for president.  The thing about it is, the President of the United States is supposed to be our representative in the government, the rabble’s man.  Because we’re the ones who vote him in.  All the promises are made to the commoners, nobody else, all the pie in the sky is aimed at we the feeble.  So he’s got to be our advocate;  the man elected to a position of strength who keeps at bay the dogs of wealth from gobbling us up entirely. That’s what we’re hoping for.  We want someone from our team with a righteous fire in his belly to take ahold of the reigns and drive the buggy to the beach.  But the fact is, nobody from our team could possibly become president.  He may start out on our team but before he can be considered for the job, he must abdicate to the other side, heart and soul.   Nobody could be farther on the other side than a multi-billionaire. 

You know how when you get up a baseball game and you’re a couple people shy of full teams so someone from the team that’s batting plays catcher?  And you know how you never really trust that guy to try his best to catch a foul ball or tag out the runner?  Well, it’s like that.  Ignoring politics makes complete sense but why in Dr. Ruth's underwear would you get excited about a billionaire representing you?   It smacks not of democracy but worship.  And it’s pathetic.   Hey, I’ll bet if all the marionettes reached up and cut their strings, the puppeteer would just fall over backwards.

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