Saturday, June 20, 2020


Imagine that through some paranormal device you've seen into the future and learned you would be killed by police within 24 hours. You'd try to avert it by making yourself as safe as possible. Probably just stay in your house until the time passes. But if you happen to be black, there's nothing safe about that. So you think, “I'll go someplace with lots of people. I'll just stay in Denny's, eat all my meals there, drink hot chocolate in between... nope, nope, that won't work. Then you think, “I'll walk around, ... hey I know. I'll go jogging like white people do. That'll keep me safe. Then at night I'll sleep in my ... no...

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

I'm curious if the stimulus check, purported to aid the rabble, is anything other than another bank bailout funneled through the rabble since much of it will be either deposited in a bank or pay a mortgage. Am I missing something here?

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

In an incident peculiar to the time, I'm at Thomas Lumber because I now have ample time to work on the porch. I'm in the big lumber barn getting some tongue-and-groove and a guy backs his diesel truck to where the exhaust is pouring out right where I'm standing. He leaves the truck running as he gets out and goes about his business wearing his health mask.
This is the human and this is why he is doomed.

What a strange place is the dream world, though not stranger than this one that gives birth to it. This morning I was dreaming I had a pearl necklace and donald Trump demanded to know whence came the pearls. I said they were taken from another necklace to make this one. He wouldn't believe it, said no way, that can't be done. Then we were trying to talk over each other, him saying it's impossible, me saying I saw them do it. Had the phone not rung, I never would have remembered this episode. And because the phone rang in this world, it remains unresolved in that one.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

can't keep up

When I looked good, people told me I looked like Hell. Now that I do look like Hell, people tell me I look good.
Who are these people?