Sunday, February 18, 2018

getting to be old hat

Relating to the latest mass shooting, having observed the various newspapers fighting for newsstand dominance with the catchiest headline and tv networks outdoing each other in quest of audience share with the interminableness of their coverage, I couldn't help realizing this was the perfect, most elegant hypocrisy. Forget about gun control as a solution to the mass shooting epidemic. It's the media coverage that is the reward for these actions. Without the headlines and celebrity there would be little reason for these lonely white boys to carry out their fantasies. Surely the newspaper and television people know this, yet they continue providing the incentive. With every word of calculated regret and expression of horror, with the very same breath, they are setting the stage for the next one.

As I ate my public breakfast this morning surrounded by tv's, a woman down the way said in disgust of a talking head, “It's them that's causing it.” It was the first time I'd ever heard anybody point out that very obvious fact.
The only logical conclusion to draw is that it is intentional, else why would they do it? To take it a step further, maybe we, the people subconsciously enjoy the whole circus. Maybe deep down somewhere we get that good old relief that it wasn't us, wasn't our kids. If not, why do so many people buy the papers and watch the coverage when we know that encourages the media to continue the cycle?

I think we should face this fact: that mass shootings fall in the category of entertainment and therefore big business. If we face this, and feel wrong enough about it, then maybe something will be done to prevent them. 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


just watched the whole state of the union spiel.  Reminded me of a song i never liked much - "What the world needs now is love, sweet love..."  But it's not love.  It's Pepto Bismol.

Monday, January 22, 2018

as long as it's sharper than cheese

I was selling my surprisingly grate books this weekend at the Fellsmere Frogleg Festival.  Talk about squandering a great abbreviation!  Anyway, guy next to me selling Cutco knives.  I was astounded by the many people who walked excitedly to his booth and then paid hundreds of dollars for a knife or two.  Eknife already!  Who knew you could fondle a knife,, examine it and discover so many fascinating and utilitarian aspects to it.  It's a knife.  That's all it is. They have knives at the thrift shop for a dollar, I wanted to yell.

Maybe it was sour grapes.  Despite the cutting edge grammar and rapier wit in my books,  they chose his product over mine for ten times the price.   One observation was unavoidable, that many Americans take greater care in choosing their kitchen utensils than their White House occupant..

Friday, January 12, 2018

the Trumpet

Donald Trump is just a megaphone attached to Republican politicians' brains.  We should be grateful for the enlightenment.

Maybe after the presidency he'll host a show called "What they were Really thinking  when they Said That."

Monday, January 01, 2018

munching bags

Just a note here on how farcical is the hue and cry over Russo-American election tampering Maybe Putin observed that tampering is the essence of democracy and he was practicing in case it should some day grace his land.

Seems to me government by the people, for and of has perished from the United States less than 200 years since Lincoln posed the possibility. A new set of prepositions has been installed: at the people, on the people, to the people. Too many people. I'm wondering why it's portrayed as shocking when foreigners de-democratize us, but it's business as usual by Americans. If democracy is sacred, then Republican gerrymandering is treasonous and corporate buying of the electorate sanctioned by our “representatives” is blasphemy. If the puppeteers care so much about our inalienable rights, what was that we were allowed to glimpse in 2000? When GOP thugs were beating down a Dade County door to stop vote counting until the Supreme Court could weigh in and extinguishing our voice for good, why were no arrests made? Where's the uproar? Maybe it's best to quit imagining we're lions and we roar. We're sheep and we bah. Our shepherds show us where to graze.

Well, there it is – the essence of democracy: It's our fault isn't it? We're the ones who voted them in. Why don't we stop complaining and just vote the bastards out? The catch being as everyone knows, very few non bastards ever survive the vetting process.

I suppose the current game is to find an excuse for Donald Trump. Heaven forbid the supposed party of decent behavior and the media on which we all depend for our opinions should be held accountable for sabotaging Bernie Sanders, thereby pointing out how not about the “people” the latter day system is. SUPER DELEGATES?!? Really? No, it's better to blame the age old punching bag.

And why should we care anyway? As Mrs. Robinson should know very well by now, every way we look at it we lose. Best just to ignore their silly games and concentrate on the real world. It's what sheep do - rely on the nice man with the long stick to protect them while they enjoy the grass. And it's more satisfying. Grass is good.