Monday, September 03, 2018

The best they can do

The two-party system works only when both parties offer satisfactory candidates who elevate each other beyond the low bar of their rhetoric. In Florida the GOP has forfeited this responsibility. When Republicans can win no matter whom they nominate, it seems they'll nominate just about anybody. It's more about getting their adherents to the polls than presenting a candidate who will be good for the state. As of the current gubernatorial contest, any Florida voter still proud to be a Republican has a mighty high threshold of shame.

I sell fishing stories to Florida Sportsman Magazine but if I were writing speeches for Andrew Gillum, he'd open the first debate like this:
“ I have striven, as most people, to educate myself, gain valuable experience and to be the best person I can be. I am ready now to make my case to represent Floridians as their governor. It is with a sense of the surreal that I am here to debate a man who parades ignorance as a virtue to be carried into that office. All I can do this evening is demonstrate as clearly as I can, the difference. “

Friday, August 17, 2018

it's in the knees

Americans – Our rallying cries are free will, freedom of expression, humor, independence, innovation – not programmed like a robot or something. Put 40,000 of us in a stadium together, play on the public address system most any of the thousands of melodies we know and we will sit there and hopefully enjoy the music, depending on taste. Play one particular melody out of those thousands and everyone, en masse, will stand up and remain so as long as this melody lasts, no matter how pleasingly or poorly it is presented. When the melody quits, they will sit back down. If anyone deviates from this behavior, even if he has performed his duty a hundred times before, he may be remonstrated, shunned and publicly chastised, depending on his station in society.

Sure it's a nutrageous idea but maybe Americans are just mindless automotons. That would explain a lot.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Good bye American pie

For those who failed to tune in to the military indoctrination film  aired a couple nights ago on your stupivision screen, the American League again won the obligatory baseball game. 

Yes, this is where we are now.  Within the expanded military budget, apparently there's  room for more advertising, so before the baseball we get a short film showing how fun war is too.  Isn't this just the sort of thing we smugly ridiculed dictatorships for doing?   It's been a gradual build up, hardly noticeable until now.  First we had the pregame Indoctrinational Anthem, then 911 got Take me out to the Ballgame replaced by God Bless Americans at the seventh inning stretch, establishing  the diety's favor with anything done by a people who watch and play baseball.

This of course followed up by immersion in the catalyst, beer and whiskey.  They know kids are watching this wholesome sport next to their alcohol imbibing parents and the advertisements for both remind them that one day they too can become inebriated and watch sports instead of playing them and then, filled with patriotic fervor, stagger out and enlist.

There was a time when hard alcohol ads were prohibited in tv, beer seen as an adequate gateway drug.  Apparently those days are over.  They're not taking any chances. North Korea has shown our puppeteers the way.  The land of the free white people and the home of the brave colored people has simply become the Indoctri-nation.  The true  reason for televising sports is finally out in the open.  Hallelujah

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

it's all in what you want to see

The stats are in from my sales of "Make America Good Again" t- shirts.  Many like it but mainly only Trumpets have the courage to buy one, accounting for most of my sales. In missing my intent, they have shown the irrelevancy of  it.  They will wear it proudly at least for a little while.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

dumbdown update

Inadvertently exposed yesterday to tv news and what must be called astounding stupidness. A ten minute bit on some new invention we can buy that might keep “skimmers” from stealing our souls through credit cards at the gas pump. Never once was a foolproof ancient invention acknowledged called “cash.”
Here's the interesting part: the very presence of this indicates evidence that this simple solution to the threat never will occur to a pretty decent chunk of their audience. They'll just line up to buy the new gadget.

Modern man. You gotta love 'im.