Thursday, August 20, 2015

Trumpelstiltskin for President

Everybody said, “Trumpelstiltskin will be a great president!” and “Trumpelstiltskin will save us from things!”
Then some other people said, “Wait a minute.  We want somebody else to be President.”
So Trumpelstiltskin  became President of the United States.   Hooray for Trumplestiltskin!

Trumpelstiltskin was always rubbing his hands together now.  The first thing he said was, “Mexican families can stay but I have to eat all their babies.”  President Stiltskin got so excited when he said this that he flew all across the western hemisphere like a giant balloon somebody let go of.  Finally he came down in Mexico where everybody thought he was the pin~ata from God and stuck pitchforks in him and beat him with bats. 
                So Trumpelstiltskin was dead.  When God saw him floating up to Heaven he almost blew a gasket.  “Trumpelstiltskin, why for is you coming here?” he yelled. 

                Trumpelstiltskin thought only of angel food.

to be continued...

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