Monday, May 25, 2015

And Again

It’s another memorial day, a time to speak of men who “laid down their lives so we could be free,” and “made the ultimate sacrifice.”  I find this whole military pr day insulting to the folks who went to war for whatever reasons and didn’t make it back.  For starters I doubt they laid down their lives.  More likely their lives were taken away from them and not without a fight.  And certainly they didn’t do it so we could be free to play video games, become enslaved to cell phones and be unable to travel without a gps and incidentally allow our wasteful way of living to help degrade our habitat.  If they risked their lives, my guess is they had their own families and generations in mind, not the current one. 
                I further doubt that sacrifice was involved, unless referring to what the government does with its citizens.  Probably very few would have gone had they known they would be killed.  So how about we cut all the crap and just say, “Here’s to all those brave people whose lives were cut short because some rich bastards wanted to get us in a war.”  We can call it “Rich Bastards Day.”

                When we figure out a way to lay going to war to rest, let’s have a Memorial Day for that.

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