Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Today's Revelation

Just watching a war movie and it got me wondering what is the purpose of the Geneva Conventions, which, I see by reading them, were violated during the George Bush era by the United States and no doubt are violated by any country anytime it’s deemed expeditious to do so. 

  They can’t exist out of concern for the welfare of captured soldiers because if the “powers that be” actually cared about soldiers, they wouldn’t have wars in the first place and then enlist those with the least stake in the outcome to kill and die in them.   Clearing away that advertised purpose left the true purpose  obvious.  It’s a military recruiting tool making it a little easier to swallow going out to kill or be killed if you think at least you won’t get tortured or you’ll get kind treatment once you’re blown apart.   Kind of a warm fuzzy from the big shots.  Makes war a civilized endeavor.  Heck.  If there's rules, how bad can it be?

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