Friday, May 08, 2015


The literary event of the year, dare we say decade?  is coming up faster than a  gopher guts sandwich.  That's write.  The latest signing by that luminary auther and seller of grate English wurds, the man who puts the litter in litterature, the ok in book and the cash in pocket, well, we all know who we're talking about here - for those who've been on Mars or someplace and haven't caught the buzz, has been scheduled for May 16.

  See Tom's amazingly above average new novel, see Tom sell four books at once, just see Tom.   See you there.  Where?  Where else?  Winter Park's new and terrific bookstore - Writer's Block, 124 Welbourne Ave., 12-2 and probably a bit on both sides of that.  Be there or be a writer's blockhead.

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