Friday, July 14, 2006

Buckwheat is better than Alfalfa at sports

Once again science has discovered what everyone already knew, and acknowledged that Buckwheat is better than Alfalfa at sports. This establishes the wisdom behind the historic exclusion of Negroes from Major League Baseball and many colleges and universities (so the white boys'll get to play). Now that it's official, it's time to do something about it.

With the physiological superiority of the Negro documented, there is no reason why athletes of other races need to continue competing with them. It is time to reestablish the Negro leagues. The existence of gender separation in sports sets the precedent. The frustration of female athletes having to compete with men is identical to that of white men against black. These days young white men no longer dream of a career in sports. It is simply too unlikely with their standard issue. Instead they must turn to sedentary goals. It is the optimistic white boy indeed, who works toward an Olympic gold medal. He has little chance.

We must read the graffiti on the wall. Basketball, football and now baseball are becoming "colored only". Hispanics are today's white baseball players. Let's change the national poem to "Ramos at the Bat". With the New Colored Leagues, we can once again look down a baseball roster and read names we can pronounce.

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