Thursday, July 27, 2006

Letter to the Editor of the Orlando Sentinel

Dearest editor:

Our country is in the hands of ruthless nincompoops responsible for the ongoing horrors in Iraq, Israelis and Lebanese are killing each other and bombs are going off occasionally in subways. Amidst all this proof that humans, including Americans are, by and large, a horrible species, it is very hard to find kindness. If you do, don't tell the Orlando city council about it, because if it's in their jurisdiction, they'll squash it like an Iraqi bug.

Petty and small-minded has been redefined by our city. While the civilized world is in chaos our local rulers have managed to ferret out our most pressing problem - the program to feed the homeless in Eola Park. By God, let's hear it for the Gothics. They sure dress funny but it appears they have a foundation in what is called decency. Decency is bad for Orlando's image, offends developers, who have only profit in mind, something a city council can better relate to than an empty stomach.

Anyway, really, look at these compassionate ones. If they would wear business clothes or belong to the Jaycees, well, it might not look so bad. But Food not Bombs? Come on. Not only are they against hunger on their doorstep, but war as well. What kind of creeps are these?

If Orlando had no houseless people, they should be imported just so we can sit back and watch these radicals take care of them. Because, especially nowadays, it feels good to see a little organized kindness. And we should be proud to have such people in our midst. But we have a city council that feels inclined to squash them. Our city council would have outlawed the bread lines of the Great Depression.

Forty-five people spoke against the ordinance to ban feeding the homeless within a two mile radius of city hall and four spoke in favor. So, by democracy, it passed. No wonder Iraq is in no hurry for it.

Before it was just a bad joke. Now Orlando's city council is a disgrace.

-- Tom Levine

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