Friday, July 14, 2006

Yet another from Arnie

Shiite Happens! W
Thanks to you!

3" x 6" Color: White on Black with Red W
Vinyl $ 1.75 each. Quantity 50+ $1.25 100+ $1.00
Bush lovers won't love this one.Too bad!
It looks wonderful on my car.
For more ordering information E-mail


  1. Dear Mr. Tom Levine,

    I recently met a Jack Raymond while fishing Mosquito Lagoon. He was a very friendly guy with loads of information. He led me to you because I mentioned I was journalism student at UF interested in writing and fishing. I've been trying to get the guts to query some of my writing to FS or SWA.

    Lately, by a stroke of luck, I’ve been fishing with a neighbor by the name of Larry Kinder. Jack didn't know him, but he said you might. I think Larry is the Tropical Editor at Florida Sportsman and is a regular contributor. He has been mentoring me particularly in writing style and how to take photos.

    I thought I should contact you, not for any particular reason, but because two seemingly random occurrences have lead me to people who have connections to Florida Sportsman. A job I would love to have some day.

    My name is Sam Hudson. I'm going into my senior year at UF in journalism and hope to attend law school there. I would love to hear back from you. I have a Web site that I don't really use anymore but more importantly an e-mail

    Anything you may have to say, I'd be grateful to hear. Thank you for your time. Oh, and Jack said you might give me a "hard time" in sort of playful fashion so I'm ready for it.

    Sam Hudson

  2. I'm not sure how to edit comments but I realized my web site is incorrect. It should be