Thursday, June 22, 2006

To all my conservative friends and family

Something my brother, Arnie Levine, sent me:

To All my Conservative friends and family:

I received this letter which was included in a fund raising package and was asked to forward it to all the loyal Republicans I know.

I had no more money to send, but I am honoring their request.

Here's the letter:


Dear Fellow Conservative

In order to ease the suffering in your knees from all the genuflecting you do in front of your autographed picture of our beloved George
W. Bush, we have formed a charitable organization to provide some much needed financial assistance in the form of FREE Kneepads (fur-lined), of course.

I urge you to register at You will be contacted to arrange for your Free pair of kneepads.

We know you are in pain but with our 32% Approval Rating many, many other loyal Republicans are suffering as you are. In 2 years the pain will go away, hopefully. Our health system won't help
you and those godless Democrats that don't genuflect won't help you either.

Please Register ASAP before we are out of kneepads. For more information visit our website:

Thank you.

Tom Delay

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