Monday, July 12, 2010

The Fart Man Still Cometh

Those who have read and appreciated The Fart Man Cometh from my fabulous collection of relatively true stories, BITE ME! may appreciate knowing that the Fartman is still making the most of his God (or somebody else) given talent. In fact, he seems only getting better (or worse). Today's adventure may have been his most glorious ever, recognition being key to the glory, anonymity key to enjoying it.

He visited CVS and though he probably already has been forgotten, his effect will not be. He walked around the entire store seeking a few different items. In his own words, “It was silently flowing out of me like the Gulf oil spill. It was like the difference between a cracked door and one flung open.”

Everything he had eaten for the last two days was still in him, lots of bar-b-qued spare ribs and yoghurt included, festering into a fetid mixture only the peculiar chemistry of his body could produce. From experience I stay away at such times. When he got to the cash registers a horrified clerk was ranting about “a hideous odor. It's all over the store.” Another employee confirmed that he, also had smelled it and one of the customers commented as well. In self defense employees walked around the store spraying deodorizer, puny effort that it would have been. Fartman stood in line grinning broadly, conversing with someone who thought he must just be having a very pleasant day. Indeed he was.

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