Monday, July 19, 2010

Listener Reward

WMMO-fm keeps playing my three favorite popular songs with sufficient frequency to keep me risking, occasionally, the inane prattle of the broadcasting employees. Here's my latest WMMO perversity update: You worker ants out there, you toilers and laborers, you latter day slaves to whom this radio station is directed used to have workdays, usually Monday through Friday. WMMO has rescued you from this. You now have "WMMO workdays" but only I suppose, if you are one of their “listeners.” Clearly this radio station would take you by the hand, or some other appendage, and lead you through life, denying you now even the autonomy of your own workday. Probably some day soon you will be able to hold a radio up to your butt and WMMO will wipe it with some special “quality time” words from the d.j. Or maybe Shawn What'shisname's tongue will actually emerge from the speaker to perform this “listener reward.” I can't wait.

In the meantime I'm starting a contest for best acronym – what insidious evil do the call letters stand for? If we figure it out, the spell will be broken and all WMMO “listeners” released from their audio bondage. Vive la revolucion!

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