Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Blowers in the Wind

When humans wish to demonstrate that their species alone has true intelligence, then they must be very selective about the evidence they present. My case in point is the human capacity for operating a “blower” to clear leaves and dirt from pavement. Possibly even more astounding is the human capacity to pay someone else to do it.

Perhaps they never have heard about our friends “wind” and “rain” who humbly perform the task with neither clamor nor pollution. Maybe they are unfamiliar also with “brooms”. Mother nature decorates with fallen chlorophyl factories and bits of dirt the asphalt zones that defend our feet against contact with earth. This is an offense. Instead of Varoom why not a broom?

The problem is, and I truly believe this, the broom is not a stupid enough solution to their neurosis . Why can't some transient dirt and leaves lay upon the paving? And why must the space support for all time no sign of the organic? It is in the human brain that nature once vanquished shall remain vanquished. She may mount no comeback however pitiful and ineffectual.

There you have it. At any time of the day you may hear a man with a blower moving leaves off pavement as wind blows more on. Just yesterday I witnessed a man blowing leaves off a public highway. No other animal is interested in this project. It is either sheer genius and unavailable to my ordinary brain and the platypus' or clear evidence that humans actually are the only animals without true intelligence.

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