Monday, April 18, 2016

When the incompetent can't vote, we shouldn't either

We all know why felons can't vote in Florida and it's because they're mostly Democrats.  There is no such distinction for the elderly and otherwise deemed incompetent to vote.  It is simply a mean, cruel slap in the face to citizens who have proudly cast their ballots as Americans and suddenly are prohibited from doing so. I just saw it on tv.  Miriam Lancaster, a friend of mine, 100 years feisty, was turned away from the polls because she now has a guardian.  And she's white!!?!

In order to vote she must face a competency hearing, at which I am certain she will be the most intelligent person.   I simply must write, What the Hell is wrong with this state?  So what if they're lunatics or they think Truman is running.  What can it hurt to let them vote?  They've earned the dubious privilege.   There's no Demented Party, other than the GOP that they're going to vote in a block for.  Democracy is not at risk from simply showing these Americans common decency.  But I think they're feelings are greatly at risk from this affront. 

Furthermore, since there clearly is no standard of sanity for the candidates, why must there be one for voters?  Let the competency tests start where they can do some good.  It's time we started demanding a higher standard of treatment from our rulers.  In solidarity we all should stop voting until we all can.  If we are too weak to take this feeble stand, then I guess it is true we get the government we deserve.


  1. Every GOP controlled red state is in a frenzy to prevent "voter fraud" defined as a likely Democratic voter gets to cast a vote and the vote gets counted. I worked an early voting site in 2012. The one shown on Huffpost with the 6-7 hour waits every day. We fed them, watered them, gave them umbrellas and folding stools to use. We brought in live bands and dancers. We dressed up in silly costumes and sang and danced for them. Anything that would encourage the voters to not walk away and let their vote be stolen. It worked and we beat them 2 to 1 at this site. When the dust settled our Republican mayor said to address problem at the polls, live or recorded music would no be allowed and that since not every bathroom at the polling places was handicapped accessible, in the interest of fairness, NO bathrooms would be available to the voters. Yeah...long lines and no bathrooms...that's the ticket.

  2. they gonna be arrestin you pretty soon