Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Marco Polo, Marco Polo, Marco Polo....

Interview with Marco Robio who said right out in public where people could hear him...

“I thank God all the time that George Bush was president on 9/11, not Al Gore.”

    Mr. Robio, how do you know God rigged the 2000 election?
    “Barak O'Bama knows exactly what he's doing.”

    Why do you assume God hates America?
    “Barak O'bama wants to make America like every place else.”
    You have stated that you “thank God all the time that George Bush was president.” Are you thanking him right now? Does this explain your frequent absence from Senatorial duties?
    “Thank this, Barak O'Bama.”

    How are you able to accomplish this feat of mental stamina? Do you have a way of putting your brain on repeat mode, like a phonograph needle?
    "Barak O'Bama knows exactly what I'm doing.”

    Is this why you have nothing interesting to say, because all you do is thank God that George Bush was president on 9/11?
    “Thank God for all the Bushes, every one.”

    Do you have a way of dividing up your brain so that you can be thanking God for George Bush while also thinking other inane things?
    “Yes. I am a man of many brains.”

    When you thank God that Al Gore was not president, do you consider that a separate homage?
    “Thank God for God.”

    Why are you grateful to God for making sure Al Gore was not president on that fateful day? Are you afraid Al Gore would have ignored briefings predicting an imminent attack by his brother Al Qaeda flying planes into the Trade Center and then after that happened, would have done something incredibly stupid like unleashing retribution on the wrong country, causing the deaths of many more Americans than died in the attack, and the Middle East chaos we see today?

    Considering how it's all turned out, don't you think you're thanking the wrong god? It seems more like something Allah would arrange.
    “Allah, I need some water. Where'd the oasis go?”

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