Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On becoming Stupid

Anybody notice how insidious is the language of cyberspace? How computers worm their way into our brains, such as they are, by us applying terrestrial terms to computer functions? The earliest and most grievous one I noticed was "surfing" the web. Yep, that sure makes staring at a computer screen sound cool but I see no resemblance at all to surfing. It reminds me of the way the media morphed Pee Wee Herman into Osama Bin Laden and then Osama into Sadam Hussein. Lately I notice how people "go to " websites and stuff. I would like to point out that nobody "goes there". At least not yet. We "look at" them. Not interactive enough, is it?

What we say probably becomes our reality so people should take a cue from Popeye and resume saying what they mean, not what the computer promoters want them to say which actually sounds pretty darn ridiculous.

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