Sunday, September 17, 2017

One Enormous Sneeze


Kate Smith was belting out the quintessential God Bless America as she does every time I'm selling books at the Lake Ebola Farmers Market. The concept always struck me as a bit nutty. I never could understand exactly what that's supposed to be and why Captain Creation would want to do it. Or why She would have to be reminded to if She was up for it.
Since they're so bent on instilling nationalistic fervor at every conceivable televised American sporting event, they ought to just play a record of Kate Smith. Nobody does it like her. She could get Quakers marching off to war.
As I listened to this great rendition, it struck me my confusion lies in the dishonest terminology. What people really mean is God Bless Americans but that's too self centered and might put God off. Not to mention it wouldn't even sound right to us. We could shorten it to God Bless Us but then people in other countries could steal it.
It's a common way modern patriotism seems to work- Obfuscation. It's supposed to be this glorious land we're worried about defending. America – that place we're already engaged in devastating without any outside help. The mission of all media is just to obstruct clarity.
The way I see it God already blessed America – when she made it. It's probably a one time thing. The Indians seem to have been satisfied with that but European man had a better idea.

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