Monday, December 07, 2015

The New Confederacy of Dunces

Selling books I talk to lots of people.  Some are  people who have bonded with the Republican Party.  Many of these seem to feel anger at the President of their country.  The oddest thing is  they often spew something about how stupid or what an idiot he is.  It should be clear how this destroys their credibility.   Of all the things they could dredge up, I always wonder why they choose  the one thing he most obviously is not.  And then I always think, if this man who was Editor of the Harvard Law Review is an idiot, then what does that make you, who surely reside somewhere below him.   Furthermore I doubt they ever said that about Obama's predecessor, who clearly was stupid, whether acting a part  or not.
 Maybe it's because they can't come up with anything specific; or  they're  dissatisfied with the race of his father.  They lack the candor to say that what really bothers them is the extreme uppity-ness of his Negroness so they just blurt out that he's an idiot, hoping that saying it makes it so.  

In a lot of ways, I think we're all just still in the second grade.

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