Sunday, April 05, 2015

Only Humans Think Einstein was Smart

Being Easter Sunday, it’s time for me to lay to rest the idea that manmade machines may develop artificial intelligence.    Have you ever watched Fox News?  We’re not even intelligent.  By what wild stretch of the imagination are we to imbue intelligence upon a mechanical device?   Without it ourselves, we wouldn’t recognize it if it happened.
 What wits we do display evolved as a survival tool.  Humans need a hub to delegate physical responses to sensory stimuli.  That’s our brain, our self, our consciousness.  Computers have no mechanism at their disposal such as natural selection to achieve  that.  Necessity is the mother of invention and, as programmed responses to electric input, they have no need.

Google as artificial intelligence:   Based on word association, Google is used by many people as additional brain space, like adding memory.  That doesn’t make Google conscious.  It makes us less conscious.  So perhaps one day we will have achieved parity with machines by attrition.  

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