Sunday, March 08, 2015

Move Over Fido

In an uncharacteristic attempt at humor the Orlando Utilities Commission(the polluting one) recently reminded customers of its ongoing and heroic efforts to safeguard our environment.  Coming from the visionaries who abandoned natural gas to build the coal burning (touted as ‘state of the art’ but considered obsolete as soon as it was completed)Curtis Stanton power plant as the rest of the country turned the other way, the hilarity was not lost on me when I got this notification with my bill.   But my laughter was short lived as the purpose of the reminder was revealed:   soon we will be drinking out of each others’ toilets and paying extra for the privilege.   They’re already doing it in Pinellas County and when you take a drink there, it tastes like it.
Of course they didn’t actually write that we will be drinking each others’ processed urine and showering in it and washing our dishes and hands in it.  Nope.   According to what I read, they’re just rescuing our water supply by giving us processed sewage in our pipes.  Call me cynical but I see a connection here to the  St. Johns River Water Management District, another  arm of the development community masquerading as a conservation agency:   Their mission statement is “to find water for development.”    When water restrictions go into place during a drought, these restrictions are considered “found water”  to justify further cramming in of people.   I believe our drinking sewage will be considered a giant pool of “found water” and another  boon to the building industry.

At present we don’t need to drink sewage so why should we in the future?  Well, after all that “found water” gets factored in, there will be a lot more people living here.   I think I prefer the old way of “finding water.”

In this way are the standards lowered that we have tried to expect of life.   Much of the “third world” will have drinking water superior to ours.  At least the people there won’t be sipping from their neighbors’ kidneys.


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