Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Modern Times

The computer was on and on and on and on never off, always soft and waiting. A Mastercard of death it swiped the population, time for this and time for that, no time for constipation. They scanned the planet earth while sitting in a chair and soon everybody and their brother had been to everywhere. They Googled all the facts that were ever known to man and what they couldn’t Google went in the garbage can The knew of all the horror as soon as it occurred safe in the sacred internet compressed into a word They never paused to wonder where all the good times went until the great bonanza entirely had been spent. Then one by one when they got old and the time had come to die they expected just to Google it and get on with their lives. “Don’t worry,” God boomed to put their minds at ease, “we have pc’s in Heaven now pass the biscuits please. “You can Google all the stars, the grandest and the mere, and Facebible all your friends who didn’t make it here.” So happily they went to death, knowing what was there and didn’t even bother to bring fresh underwear.

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