Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just back from the Florida Folk Festival

Just back from the Florida Folk Festival. Got talking with a woman there who made a lot of sense, as people often do until they bring up politics. “So what’s wrong with Obama?” I bit, always willing to take my brain where no brain has gone before. “Why can’t he produce a birth certificate?” “I believe he has,” I offered. “It took him long enough.” Just to push the topic a little I asked her why he should be required to produce one at all considering no other recent presidents have been. This stuck her for a bit, like how could the answer not be perfectly obvious to me. Eventually she grumbled, “Look at his name,” to which I replied lots of Irishmen have been born in the United States. She really had nothing to say to that.


  1. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Thanks Tom. I'm that stupid. Did not think that the reason was that stupid. I suppose names like Kissimmee are suspect too. I wonder if they need to re-certify it Jones. But it would be news to the native americans who provided it with a truly native- american name.

    1. Anonymous8:52 AM

      No stupidness inferred here. Politics seems to exist in a realm somewhere beyond intellect. Kind of like baseball.