Wednesday, May 05, 2010

What does WMMO really stand for?

Just when you think you're done writing about how spooky WMMO fm radio is, you tune in and soon you're further impressed. If these people really know their "listeners" and their "listeners" really relate to the sort of patronizing, spoon-fed crap the disc jockeys say, then there is a large segment of our population beyond my comprehension. So here it is: Once in a while I tune in WMMO because they play over and over again a couple of my favorite popular tunes. As they play about two dozen songs total, I figure there's a pretty good chance I'll hit one. What I heard today, I never could have imagined, much less imagined hearing over the air. The disc jockey started plugging a wonderful new service for anybody gutless enough and living in a soup of office-bound misery so pervading his life and his being, to take advantage of it. Wait for it....

He prefaced it by saying what a really bad idea it is to give somebody who gets on your nerves, some "tool" the finger in person. So - some entrereneur out there will anonymously e-mail the finger to someone in your office who is a "real tool". I confess I have no idea what he means with this use of the word "tool". I am sure only that he is mocking his "listeners" when he uses it. Then, to justify this, he speaks of how "they've seen some amended behaviour as a result of this". "They" has to be God, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny because omnipresence is the only way anybody could be in these offices and see and judge this behavior amendment.

Now just imagine the positive effect these anonymous fingers will have. Someone gets one and wonders who in the office sent it, who hates him. Could make for a real improvement in an already oppressive atmosphere. He didn't give any examples of the "amended behavior". This guy is no John Tesh.

I thought when I turned it on a few weeks ago and heard a lady disc jockey talking about what great botox this one doctor gives, that was as perverse as it got. Guess i was wrong. This station is clearly some sort of nauseous support system for people whose office job is their life so they may continue making that substitution for the greater good. It does keep me tuning in and writing about it in cyber space. Maybe that's the real purpose. I'd feel a lot better with that.

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