Monday, December 31, 2007

Poor Al Gore

Al Gore is the most tragic figure in the history of American politics. Who knows what it’s been like for him to watch from his personal Purgatory as George Bush stomped through his presidency like a hobgoblin through goodness. But Gore recently was granted a chance at redemption and he failed to take it. It was a huge letdown for me.

Recently Al Gore and Bush met alone for forty-five minutes. Here is my fantasy: Imagine Al Gore walking out of the room, dusting off his hands against each other, straightening his tie and looking with a new-found serenity to the future, George Bush lying in a crumpled lump on the floor. No, not dead, but forty-five minutes was more than enough time for Gore to beat the snot out of him, as he has every right to do and as every American has the right to expect of him. Now imagine the cheering around the world, the chanting of “Al Gore” from every righteous mouth. Forget about all the other Democrats. Here would be the nominee by acclaim, redefining quick, economical campaign. And here would be a cherished place for Gore in history.

It is, in fact, the only way I can imagine Gore ever coming truly right. And as we all squander or fail to recognize opportunity, he missed this one. Darn shame.

-- Tom Levine


  1. I completely agree with your statements and ideas. Al Gore must be going through hard times. Something should be done to stop this demented administration.

    Sincerely, a fellow environmentalist,

    Ralph Nader

  2. you are an evil, slimy worm. your values are for the birds, and just so you know, if al gore was such a great guy, why didnt he win the presidency?