Thursday, October 11, 2007

The American Economy

If the American economy seems about as vibrant as a hangover, it is because Americans are in limbo. We are in shock from the consequences of allowing the least wise among us to rule and determine our fate.

For years our wisemen warned of global warming (ex. Carl Sagan, his book published in 1995). So we ignored them and invited greedy businessmen and their politician puppets to craft our future. Now it appears, though we were metaphorically warned about this even in the Bible, Industrial Man has destroyed Eden.

This country's resources were used to attack and subsequently destroy Iraq for no good reason. Now, instead of concerning ourselves with the positive subjects that should have been ushered in by the new millenium, we are swallowed up by this horror and the ongoing guilt of having liberated over half a million men, women and children from the joys and travails of life, and driven another two million from their country. And the ruthless nincompoops responsible are still in charge, still affecting peoples' lives!

There are enormous clouds hanging over our heads. Kind of hard to get all that excited about business.

-- Tom Levine

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