Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Losing limbs in Iraq -- at our President's request

The United States of America has required tens of thousands of Iraqi men, women and children, to lose a limb or two, be otherwise horribly disfigured, or die, so that we can pursue our agenda, whatever it is. George Bush never asked them what they thought about this sacrifice. He just imposed it upon them.

This same should be required of every American who supports or supported the so-called war. Nothing could be more fair. How many hawks would have remained hawks if this suffering had been guaranteed for them? If the question had been put to them, "Would you support attacking Iraq if it means many Iraqi children will be killed and maimed? " Clearly the answer was a resounding "yes", because everyone knew this would happen.

"Would you support the attack if it means you must be maimed or die?" Of course we know the answer in their hearts would be "no." Suddenly many mitigating circumstances would cloud the path to war and it would be abandoned. Interesting difference, that.

Dick Cheney said the day he shot his bird-shooting buddy in the face was the worst day of his life. One has to wonder what it was that bothered him so. Certainly not the carnage, as every day people are blown apart and shot to pieces with his blessing. More likely it was the bad press he got, or the bird he missed on the other side of his friend's head. It's the little things, really, that we find annoying.

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